About Us
8% Commission of the selling price.
Shipping price is set by the seller and is not subject to any commission fees, the shipping revenue will be fully retained by the seller. 

Receive payments with Paypal, Stripe Direct Deposit Checking or both.


Paypal funds are available immediately to the seller after a transaction is accepted by the seller. 
For PayPal payments, 8% will be charged of the final selling price. PayPal's fees are not included in this commission, so in addition to BULKsimple commission, you will also pay PayPal's fees for each. PayPal's fee is 2.7% +$0.30 of the total sales price.
You can see the exact fees by logging in to your PayPal account and going here. After each purchase you will get a receipt displaying the exact fee.
Sellers are required to ship the items sold within 2 business days of the acceptance of the transaction/sale. 
Direct Deposits Powered by Stripe
For Direct Deposit payments, BULKsimple charges a commission of 8%.  Stripe's fees are included in this commission so there are no additional fees.
With Stripe payments you receive the funds after you have shipped the items and the buyer has "Confirmed" the delivery. Once they have confirmed the delivery we process the payment and typically takes one business day to reflect in your checking account. If the buyer has not confirmed within 14 days the transaction will automatically be confirmed and completed.
BULKsimple.com does not provide shipping labels to the seller. Seller may ship using their own shipping method, via USPS, FedEX, UPS... and shipment software.
We recommend using apps that integrate with paypal and stripe for easy order import. Some examples are shipstation, easyshipping and shippo.